A slightly restrained edition of Saturday shopping

Seeing as I spent an absolutely RIDICULOUS amount of money at the hairdressers yesterday, this morning’s edition of Saturday shopping was somewhat restrained. By my standards anyway.

One Indulge breakfast and coffee
New pair of long black pants.
A dress… it needs altering as has every dress I have ever owned. Still it was on special and I think my dear mother can manage to sew in some darts or somesuch somewhere.
Some blingy, colourful, junk jewellery. I fear I may have some kind of undiagnosed addiction going here. Perhaps we might call it bowerbird syndrome? Anyway, I found some big multicoloured beads and matching bracelets. They’re to wear with my all black gear on Monday. Of course I’ll change my mind at least ten times between now and then about what to wear so…you know…whatever.

Oh… and food…but that’s boring. Although I did experience perhaps the slowest checkout boy in the history of the universe. Well, the slowest checkout boy at Woolworths at Hinkler Place anyway. There was no way he was hurrying himself whatsoever.


2 Responses to “A slightly restrained edition of Saturday shopping”

  1. 2paw says:

    Oh that’s a nice haul of things. I think bling is a good thing to collect!! No dresses ever fit me, hence the dress making drive this Spring!!
    I always have knitting or a book for queues.
    I found green shoes!!!!!!!! They have to come from the mainland, but I don’t care. They are either $189 or $89. Didn’t read the sole properly, I just said I would have them after I tried on a white pair!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Green shoes!!! Excellent!!
    I could have ripped out my iphone and perhaps played a quick game of scramble..maybe he would have got the hint.

    I have an increasing amount of bling….it’s getting almost as out of hand as the tshirts

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