and your wii age is…..

48! That was a pleasant discovery last night after I had spent an hour fiddling around with cables and remotes and other bits and pieces to finally get the thing set up. As the Wii kindly informed me that is 11 years older than my actually age. Yes, thank you very much. I can do basic mathematics. Still, it was fun setting my little picture in the settings. I gave myself glasses and a happy smile. Then I played around with the stepping activities for a bit. I was quite uncoordinated the first time. There is a reason I stopped dancing lessons as a child. And then I sat down again because no matter how old and unfit I am there was no way I going to miss Tony Martin and Ross Noble. I am naturally a lazy, non-athletic person so we’ll see how this new exercising lark goes.


2 Responses to “and your wii age is…..”

  1. 2paw says:

    Pshaw to the Wii. I loved making my Mii and I have two Labrador Miis as well. It's not my Wii. I am good at the ski jump and the bubble and flying. Hopeless at soccer!! The worst thing is if you haven't used it for a while it berates you!!
    I am saving Ross Noble for after Insiders!

  2. Wendy says:

    yes I'm thinking I need to make a Mii for my cat. He is quite disturbed by the sudden activity in his loungeroom. I was congratulated this morning on returning to my exercise.
    Ross Noble is just lovely 🙂

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