gushing I know….

Where’s Wendy? I’m sure this is question you’ve all be asking yourself as you obsessively check The Spiralling Shape to see if I’ve managed to write a new post in the last two weeks. My apologies. I have no single excuse. Life is getting hectic with a week until the end of term, an assignment of my own to finish (for which I now have a much needed extension..thank you kind lecturer), wrapping up the Eisteddfod, teaching the piano, blah blah blah.

Television wise I have been delighted with Angry Boys and expressed as much in the link below last week. Last night’s episode was even tighter and more astute.

I simply cannot express how much of a genius I believe Chris Lilley to be. If he never makes any more television he will have already done more for Australian television than most. Yes, gushing, I know. I shall stop now.

Just now, I had another piece pop up. The link is below. As a regional television viewer I took umbrage when I found out about the Nine/WIN divide that occurred in Monday evening’s scheduling. I must credit our local paper for alerting me to this yesterday. Monday evenings I go to choir so I was unaware of the late change that had been made. Read on.

Exercise wise this week saw the my return to the netball court after some 25 years. The last time I played netball I was in primary school. I cannot remember the last time I ran anywhere voluntarily. It was great though. I scored 3 goals out of 5. However, my body is now paying for this sudden, unexpected exertion. I feel like I have done 100 situps and my knees are creaking when I go up and down the stairs. I am what they might call “very unfit”. I plan to start remedying this sad situation.


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  1. 2paw says:

    I like a good satire/comedy/holding a mirror up to society show as much as the next woman, apparently as long as the next woman isn’t you!! I don’t like any Chris Lilley at all. There, I am sure many people are scandalised!!
    I read about the WIN decision, but this time our island was not deemed ‘regional’ and we had two screenings, on normal TV and Go!!
    Ah, netball. We always had to say the Rosary as Sr Paschal drove us in the Nun’s car across the bridge. I am now sure it was not to ensure victory as I was in the Seconds and we barely scored a goal, I believe it was because Sr Paschal was a Very Bad Driver!
    Well done on your goal percentage and I hope you recover quickly before the next game!!

  2. Hi Wendy, lovely to see you back. I feel your pain, but good on you for playing netball again!
    I went to look at your second link, but they’d taken the article down. Was that the story about the Little Britain’s team new show about airlines? If so, I took umbrage as well. Even though I am in metropolitan Melbourne now, I spent years countryside watching what is now WIN et al. I could not believe what I read, and thank goodness it has now supposedly been reversed.
    I’m trying to catch up with Angry Boys via i-View, I’ve missed it both weeks.

  3. Wendy says:

    Oh dear 2paw I am sorry you don’t like Chris Lilley but that is what is so interesting about TV…we all like different things don’t we.

    Hello there SEcond Half…yes they have momentarily taken the Come Fly with Me story down as it apparently it was implying Nine was involved in the decision not to show it on WIN/NBN…which apparently is not the case. The piece has been tweaked and will reappear in the morning I hope. Scandalous though!!

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