a cat-free zone no longer

When I started this blog in the middle of the year, I made a secret pact with myself that it would remain a cat-free zone. I decided that facebook is the place for trivial pictures of my cat and other such fluff (iness). The blog would be all academic and thoughtful, filled with my stunning commentary about television and popular culture at all times(some readers may be laughing in a bemused fashion at this point). Anyway, the blog changed and mutated over that time. Sometimes it has been about my research. Rarely has it been about my day job(which is what I wanted, so good).Very often I find it becoming nostalgic and the place where I reminisce about the past, ponder the present and wonder about the future. And I’m thinking this is the way I like it, and surprisingly in some way this reflects the blog title (although this was unplanned when I chose it). As I imagine it, a spiralling shape can be anything you want it to be. It can morph and change as it will. And that’s what I like about my blogging. Hopefully, as I continue I will get better at it. Ultimately, my blog is for me first. I know others use their blogs in other less personal ways, but that is the function it serves for me, in my life at this time.

All this is actually a fancy way of saying, that if I want to put a cat picture here from time to time I will.

So see above for the brave tiger, who every morning positions himself under the kitchen mat waiting to pounce on anyone who dares to approach the kitchen sink.

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