How Harrison spends his morning

Harrison (named after George Harrison, not Harrison Ford just so as we get that clear) spends his mornings lording it over me while I eat my breakfast at the computer desk. This is his morning ritual. Sometimes he falls asleep in a cute, furry fashion along the bench. Sometimes he sits in the fruit bowl (only when there is no fruit in it, which is quite frequently now that a cat has sat in it). I eat my cereal, checking my emails, facebook, twitter and of course lolcats I can haz cheezeburger.

It seems we are creatures of routine most of the time. I say most of the time because I don’t also run around like a nitwit and try and climb the back screen door while the glass sliding door is still shut, thus knocking my head into it with an almight thump.

There goes another blog rule. Picture of cat now posted.

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