the unexpected kindnesses of friends

Completely stuck for today’s blogjune inspiration, I decided to see what I wrote about last year on June 25. Coincidentally, this June 25 and last June 25 have a lot in common. They are the days of the unexpected, kindly gift from friends.

Last June 25 I was arriving at work, earring-less to be greeted with a pair of pearl earrings as a holiday gift from my lovely colleague.

This June 25, I was watching for the postman to drive by as I’m expecting an assignment to be returned in the mail. Lo and behold, however, there was no assignment. Instead there was an interesting package.


Why so interesting? Well it was unexpected for starters. These are usually the best kind of packages. And it was handwritten so I knew it wasn’t some kind of unpleasant bill or heap of junk mail. And when I turned it over it was from a person I actually knew!

Well already, this was much better than the electricity account that arrived yesterday 🙂

And then I opened it to find the best of all things. There was a handwritten card and handmade looming things.


So, all was well with the world because of this thoughtful act of kindness and sharing. I smiled and remembered that there are great people out there in the world. I smiled and remembered that it’s exchanges like this that hold our lives together and give them meaning. And I was grateful to my friend for reminding me of these important lessons.

(Thank you @kirsty_l)

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