I hope not sporadically….

Ah the pressure of a final blogjune post. I have posted somewhat sporadically this June. I wanted to write about music. I ended up writing about music, life, the universe and bits and pieces of other things including imposter syndrome which emerged as a theme in a number of blogjune posts.

I shall continue to write on my blog for the rest of the year, I hope not sporadically (for all the Clueless fans out there).

So to sum up the last few days. My credit card was hacked late last week so I am without credit. I had my eyebrows waxed on Saturday morning and not before time. I had two concerts for choir on the weekend. I’ve finished my handover time at work and now am the Marketing and Sponsorship Officer (Acting) at Bundaberg Regional Galleries until the end of February. I’m excited about this. I’ve practised the violin every day in preparation for my exam which is on the 29th of August. I finished Season 2 of Nashville. Why won’t Rayna and Deacon just get it together?

Life goes on.

Thanks for reading.

See you next June.

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