Speaking of hair….

In a busy week I have managed to watch two music films and start watching one music television series.

Last Sunday I re-watched Walk the Line. It was on SBS after the best TV music quiz show of all time, Rockwiz. Sidenote: Rockwiz stomps all over Spicks and Specks and always will. Controversial television opinion? Not really. Just true.

Anyhoo, I recorded Walk the Line for watching later and finished it on Sunday night. I had to fast forward through the scene of Cash’s brother’s death ( have I used those apostrophes correctly? Not sure). I remember it being a little traumatic in the cinema so didn’t feel the need to relive. Once again though I was totally impressed by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Amazingly good in the acting and singing departments. And the music. Stunning. I love that era of country music and the traditions of the Carter family and others that preceded it. Mainstream country music these days has gone a little bit…well….mainstream. I love the stuff that stays close to the roots, folk and blues. Watching Walk the Line again definitely made me want to explore the Cash back catalogue more thoroughly.

I followed this up with Montage of Heck, the Kurt Cobain documentary. It was….interesting….repetitive…and a little bit trying on the ole patience. There’s only so many narcissistic home videos of Courtney Love that I can cope with. About one would have been enough. Was Kurt a troubled soul? Yes. Did he have a major addiction problem. It seems so sadly. Has Krist Novosolevic (sp.?) really lost a lot of hair since back in the day. Yes indeed. That was the extent of my thoughts on this documentary. But I felt I needed to watch it all the way through because it is talking about my generation. The X’ers. Grunge. The flannel. The ripped jeans. The wailing. I did not however feel the need the immerse myself in the Nirvana back catalogue. That music is of its time perhaps rather than timeless. Opinions. I’m having them right here in this blog post.

Speaking of hair, I’ve started watching Nashville. Wow that Connie Britton has some lustrous locks. I’m part way through Season 1. Intrigue. Dynasty. Songwriting. Affairs. Etc. Good soap opera about the contemporary country music industry. Some interesting songs. I’m compelled to watch more but I still prefer the way Treme used music as a character  in that series. So far.

That my friends has been my week in pop culture music things and stuff.

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