Time out for some meme-time

Layer One: The Outside

1. What’s your preferred name?

Well my name is Wendy so generally that’s preferred. Lots of people who have known me for ages call me “Wen”. I don’t notice. My family call me “Wenny”. At uni I was “Wendy Woo”. I’m not sure why.

2. Do you wear glasses?

Only all the time. So I can see.

3. How would you describe your fashion style?

Not so much style as it is clothes, shoes and accessories that take my fancy. Librarian-esque, with a touches of hippy-dippy, goth and 90s grunge.

Layer Two: The Inside

1. What do you fear?

Snakes, spiders, heights, death. The usual.

2.What is your guilty pleasure?

Ummm…..I truly can’t think of anything here…online shopping? does that count?

Layer Three: Your Thoughts

1. What was your first thought when you woke up today?

Why am I awake and it’s still dark?

2. What do you think about most?


Layer Four: What’s Better?

1. To be loved or respected?

Do I have to choose? I think one leads to the other most of the time.

2. Dogs or cats?

Well I have a cat. But I like dogs too.

Layer Five: Beliefs

1. Believe in yourself?

Most of the time with loss of faith about once a week or so.

2. Believe in love?

Yes. Hopeless romantic. (which probably explains single status).

Layer Six: Your Talents

1. Play a musical instrument?

Yes indeedy. Piano and violin to some level achievement. Ukulele very poorly. If I had my time over I would choose oboe or French horn.

2. Do you enjoy cooking?

I’m eating takeaway as I answer these questions so not really. I like cooking for other people. I hate cooking for myself.

3. Are you any good at gardening?

I am a lazy gardner. Enthusiastic at the start…..which wanes over time leading to poor dead plants.

Layer Seven: Your Favourites

1. Favourite Animal?

Kermit the Frog.

2. Favourite Movie?

Nope. I can’t decide on that.

3. Favourite Book?

See above.

Layer Eight:

1. How old are you?

Forty one. Jeepers. It looks old when it’s on the screen.

2. Does age matter?

I’m hoping not but I think it probably does.

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