Wendy’s Weeks of TV. 2.0: My Brilliant Mistake

I have been a little bit of a slacko with my TV watching lately. Although, in my defence this hasn’t been helped by the fact that the television stations have been annoying me. Firstly, I just start getting into Chuck on GO at 8:30 on Wednesdays and GO shifts it to 10:30. That is Too Late for me and my DVD recorder doesn’t record GO. Secondly, I have really started enjoying Community which was initially screening on Tuesday evenings. Fine, good, dandy. Now they have shifted it to Monday evenings which I means I am at choir and miss the delights of Chevy Chase as a adult student at a community college. Thirdly, Glee. Channel Ten you are peeving me quite intensely with this long drawn out screening of the end of the series. It was frustrating enough that there were some episodes without more than a peep of Sue Sylvester and Emma seems to have disappeared completely. I refused to watch the Hamish and Andy filler as well as the Brisbane Lions on principle.

What has been good though is that Doctor Who has improved mightily as the series continued. At the beginning of the new Doctor I was really quite lukewarm about the whole Doctor, Amy, crack storyline but they picked up their game which was good and I am now looking forward to the two-part finale. Also, Little Dorrit. I am a complete sucker for any kind of costume drama, literature adaptation so I really enjoyed the first episode even though I haven’t read the book so I found the foreign prisoners quite confusing. And of course, I delight on Friday nights watching Elvis Costello on Spectacle. Last night it was all about him. Mary-louise Parker did the interviewing. While I disliked her West Wing character quite a lot, she was okay in her chat with Elvis. Here is just one of the highlights.


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  1. 2paw says:

    GO!!#%&^%$#@! is so annoying. I have lost the Chuck will to live and I have pretty much decided I will just buy it. I like it that much anyway. They have stopped having their after midnight repeats and I can't set my recorder to tape the same thing every week: they are so unreliable. Thank you for sharing my GO@!!@#^&*(*&$@! pain.
    I haven't seen and Doctor Who since the first Silurian episode: things have bee happening.
    I have just started watching Northern Exposure. I'm on episode 1.
    How is The Weekend treating you???

  2. Wendy says:

    Yes I have decided GO is good for BBT repeats and that is about all. Oh I do hope you love Northern Exposure. It goes all silly in later series but the first few are delightful…makes me nostalgic for the early 90s every time I watch it.
    I feel a failure that I haven't enjoyed the new Doctor Who more but I comfort myself with the fact I persisted. Still I think Torchwood may have ruined Doctor Who for me.
    The WEekend has been quite good so far although I did have to pop into work for an hour today. We are actually having a chilly SW wind blowing today. I am wearing a coat which is a signal that Winter is here…until tomorrow at least!

  3. Catriona says:

    If you're looking for something more at the adult end of the sci-fi spectrum, then I can see why Torchwood might have ruined Doctor Who for you. Torchwood started shaky, but really found its feet in the second season, and I thought “Children of Earth” was just incredible television.

    Doctor Who, though, has always been family programming. So it's there for adults to enjoy, and it's never successful when it's aimed squarely and exclusively at children (case in point: “Fear Her,” which would have made quite a nice episode of The Sarah-Jane Adventures, but was an abject failure as an episode of Doctor Who), but it also has that silliness to it that sucks the kiddies in.

    Of course, adults can like the silly, too. I do, but have been a complete Doctor Who tragic since, as far as I can tell, birth–my parents started watching in 1963, and I don't ever remember not watching it.

    This is a bit rambling. I woke up at 4 am, and I think my brain is only catching up now.

    It would be a shame if you didn't keep watching Doctor Who and enjoying it and commenting over on my blog, but sometimes these things happen, especially post-regeneration.

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