I’ve got that joy, joy, joy , joy, down in my heart…where?

I saw the loveliest thing at choir last night. Feeling a little bored, bashing out notes for whatever piece we were singing – I think the Morley madrigal “Sing we and chant it” – I then sat back as the choir sang it through unaccompanied. Most people had their heads intently buried in the music, unsure of the words and where their part goes to. But over in the third row is one of our stalwart members who has been singing with choir for thirty years or so (just think about that for a moment!) and she was singing away and beaming at the same time. It made my little heart glad to see someone so enjoying what they were doing. For is this not what singing and music is about….joy!

But then we got to the difficult one “O Jubilant Song” where the composer, Scott Farthing has kindly included a section which changes bar by bar from 7/8 to 3/8 to 5/8 to 2/4 in all manner of combinations. (He has also provided a syncopated piano accompaniment which is a treat). I did my best to enjoy the challenge of this as well. In a strange kind of way it’s fun to have to concentrate so hard on the counting.

(Apologies for the random Simpsons’ reference in the post title…it seemed appropriate.)

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