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all pizzicato June 5, 2015

Aaah….blogjune. I’ve already missed a day and the reason was….music. By the time I got home from school yesterday and then went out to a rehearsal it was 9:45 and I was not in a blog post writing kind of mood. I love rehearsals. More than performances. Last night was Bundaberg Sinfonietta which is a […]

a year on….. October 10, 2014

So today is a year since I took a leap into the great unknown and left my secure, nicely paid position at the university. I didn’t let myself think too much about the future at the time. It really was time to leave. I was lucky to be able to do so on my own […]

catch up day June 23, 2014

Today was a catch up day. I folded three weeks worth of clean washing. I now have clothes in the cupboard again. This means that I don’t have to rat through piles of laundry every morning looking for something to wear. I also caught up on getting food into the house. Yes, I bought groceries. […]

caught up in a swirl of sound June 21, 2014

Since I moved back to Bundaberg I’ve been involved with the Bundaberg Orpheus Singers. I was excited to join a choral group singing in 4 part harmony. Believe it or not – not all regional centres have adult singing groups. I was happy to sing with the altos for the first few years. I liked […]

avocado on crackers June 17, 2014

My highlights reel for the last 24 hours: 1. got a tweet on screen for Q and A 2. had two coffees and a delicious homemade florentine at lunch today 3. met a great librarian at the place where I’m going to do some of my industry placement 4. window shopped at Avenell’s 5. stayed […]

a slight chill in the air June 15, 2014

Exciting times in the ‘berg today as there is a slight chill in the air. That’s right people. Winter is here. I just checked the weather forecast and this is what it looks like. Yes that’s correct. Your eyes do not deceive you. We have made it past midday without reaching 20 degrees. But look […]

Walking on the beach and reminiscing June 9, 2014

Yesterday I had a visit from my cousin and her partner. Until the start of 2013 she had been living and working in London so we hadn’t seen each other for some time. They were having long weekend out of Brisbane staying at Burrum Heads national park and they zipped up to Bundaberg for the […]

Get some wrinkles please Our Nic June 8, 2014

Over the last year I’ve been trying to keep up to date (and do a massive catch up) on my film watching. One problem with living outside a capital city is that we tend not to get independent or more interesting films. Or, they play for a week at unfortunate times and then disappear. The […]

Take your daughter to work (experience) day June 5, 2014

I’m moving ever closer to the pointy end of my LIS Masters and I have yet to do any of my work placement. Until this year it would have meant taking some of my precious month of annual leave and going somewhere in a block. This year it’s more difficult to take a block of […]

too much multi-tasking can actually be too much June 2, 2014

I’m coming to the conclusion that too much multi-tasking can be a bad thing. Let me try to explain. When I was working full-time I went all day….skipping from one thing to the next. It was unusual to go for 15 minutes on a single task uninterrupted by an “urgent” phone call, email or knock […]