On the 28th of March my credit card bought for me…

three black skirts
two short sleeved cardigans
two pairs of shoes
one silver ring
one gaudy bracelet
one black headscarf

In my defence, let me say that none of the skirts were full price, all marked down. One was 14.95 instead of 89.95. What a bargain!! And all are to wear to the Eisteddfod over Easter to play in. One of the cardigans was also marked down 69.95 to 14.95. The first pair of shoes were full price which meant I could pick something for half price from the bargain table. Now, who can resist that? So I got some black sandal thingies. I paid for the bracelet and because that meant I had ten stamps on my little loyalty card I got the headscarf for free.

As for the silver ring, that was an impulse buy which was very naughty and totally indulgent, but it’s filigree which I also have trouble resisting.

And hey, it’s Saturday…let’s go shopping!

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