Rebus, dear Rebus

OOOOH….it was challenge night on The Biggest Loser. And, for want of a better description, it was the MUD CHALLENGE. Red against Blue for the first time since the big swap-a-rooni. Poor Cameron was totally out of his depth (haha) and lost in the first round. Finally it came down to Nathan and Sean. And then …..we have to wait until Sunday night weigh-in to see who WINS the challenge. I CAN’T WAIT.

Anyway, apart from anything else the mud reminded me of this.

Rebus, dear Rebus. The only reason I am watching you now is because there’s nothing on any other channel and I couldn’t be bothered choosing a DVD. I don’t know what book this was supposed to be adapted from. It rang no bells at all for me. If anyone out there in Spiralling Shape land knows please do tell. One last chance next week Rebus, and then I’m giving up on you for good.

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