Renaissance emo perhaps?

Ok there’s just time for a BL update before I have to get ready for work. And because of choir I can only comment on the time up until ELIMINATION.
The Blue Team came into the elimination room. Cameron had been there MANY TIMES BEFORE with the Reds but for the other Blues it was a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE. Ajay had her SERIOUS face on (although I don’t think she has any other kind of face) and told them it was TIME TO CUT THE FAT and then start SERVING up their votes. Oh the WITTY WORDPLAY kills me every time.
Anyway, it ended up that Julie voted last and it was even between Teresa and Tiffany. Julie was keeping her PROMISE to Bob that she would look after Tiffany so she SADLY voted for Teresa. CRYING ALL ROUND. I will miss Teresa. She was sensible and good value. And then I had to run out the door so as not to be LATE for choir.

That was all the TV there was last night. However, choir is really coming along. Even the dreaded ladies Blue Bird set piece, is starting to sound like something resembling the song. But it’s Fields of Gold that is the highlight. Apparently at our concert on Sunday we brought tears to some people’s eyes. In a good way. Obviously. And I think the madrigals are sounding pretty good also. Delightfully light in one (fa la la la la la) , and then heartsick in the other, as is required by the words (“Ah me I die if such they will is” etc etc, Renaissance emo perhaps?) I never know if I’m using that little word correctly.

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