Teamwork and stabbing each other in the back

Well according to my mother (who is the family Agatha Christie expert), last week’s Mrs McGinty’s Dead episode of Poirot was surprisingly accurate. Given that I haven’t read Cat Among(st?) the Pigeons I probably can’t make that observation this morning. Still Poirot did his fussy little observing at a girls’ school where the teachers kept getting knocked off. It was all very complicated. I was tired so by the time it got to the end when Poirot gathered everyone together in the drawing room to do the big reveal, I was getting very impatient to go to bed. Still I stuck it through and we all guessed it was the innocent secretary. However, this scene was inordinately long and laborious, and an exact replica of the final scene in last’s weeks tale.

The BIGGER news of the evening was that although the Blue Team won the MUD Challenge, the Red team won the weigh in, but in an UNEXPECTED TWIST, Cameron who swapped with Andrew from Red to Blue was the week’s BIGGEST LOSER. According to Cameron IT’S ALL IN THE MIND. Words of wisdom from Mr Whiney. In the weigh in room Ajay had clearly spent a BIG amount of time with the hair straightener. Anyway, that’s incidental to the fact that now the Blues will have to ELIMINATE ONE OF THEIR OWN. SLOW DRAMA TO FOLLOW TONIGHT. The ads are suggesting it will be Teresa. I hope not. It’s time to go and get a haircut in the real world Cameron. Oh…and nearly forgot up on the ISLAND HIDEAWAY with the Commando Bob and Nathan had their own little SURPRISE weigh-in. They had lost virtually NO WEIGHT. SHOCK.

In other news I set one of my classes homework to watch The Biggest Loser after we started our group assessment last week. The conversation went like this.
Wendy: Who watches the biggest loser? What’s it all about?
Student 1: Teamwork
Student 2: Teamwork and stabbing each other in the back
Wendy: That’s right, but we’re going to have the teamwork without stabbing each other in the back
Cue much hilarity.

Well, perhaps you had to be there.

And finally, I am wearing my new orange shoes today. It’s very exciting.


2 Responses to “Teamwork and stabbing each other in the back”

  1. 2paw says:

    I was watcxhing Poirot in Timeslip and it got to about 1:07 on the counter and I couldn’t see how they were going to fill in the last half hour or so. They did with quite interminable retelling. I guessed it was Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair as well. It was chock full of guest stars: Harry Potter, Spooks, Jewel in the Crown, The Brittas Empire just to name a few. I was in the classroom for 90 minutes today. Oh the joy of children who can’t thread a needle!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    yes good description “interminable retelling”….i was having another blackboard moment “hurry up!”

    what fun…sewing!

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