Once were weeds

Anyway, after swearing never EVER to plant a palm other great gardening things were achieved this morning.

In my neverending battle against weeds, I have finally relented and put down pebbles and weedmatting in the front garden. See me with my trusty rake. If I can lift my arms tomorrow it will be a minor miracle.

I’m not sure what the roses are going to think of being surrounded by pebbles. I also did a Peter Cundall style pruning on them. I was ruthless. Let’s hope they recover.

And then there is what I call my native garden which was planted in the corner of the back garden almost a year ago. This morning it looked like this:

I call this photo “Once were weeds”. I had shamefully neglected it all through the hot weather. After fifteen minutes with a hoe my father had it looking like this.

See, there were actual plants in there.

And finally, an update on the gum tree which was lopped off at the beginning of the year in order that I could get my front fence built. It’s now my favourite tree in the garden. So beautiful.


4 Responses to “Once were weeds”

  1. jinx says:

    Everyone has to either own a ute or a trailer– especially if they like to garden. YOu certainly worked hard today unlike myself sitting and watching the French Open and sipping coffee at Bargara this morning with Ros discussing itinerary for trip. YOu will be sore tomorrow.

  2. Wendy says:

    I can feel it now!
    Sipping coffee at Bargara…very civilised 🙂

  3. 2paw says:

    Wow, you look very professional and TV gardening show!! Do roses grow well in the warm climate?? Mine are flowering like nothing else at the moment. Peter was on The Cook and The Chef today extolling the virtues of Kale!!

  4. Wendy says:

    Sadly we weren’t sponsored by Bunnings, so there was no team of strong men to do all the work while i stood in front twirling my rake in an attractive fashion.

    My roses are a bit sad at the moment. I have cut them right back and they have powdery mildew from some unseasonable rain a while back. they are just coming into shops now to plant and i am needing one more. they flowered well through march and april which seemed wrong according to the garden books. it was nice for me though!

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