Bookclub report: Rapper, flapper…whatever

We just never know where our bookclub choice is going to take us. Yesterday we had all watched Quiz Show. Some of us had seen it a few times, others never before. (We alternate between books and films). Reasons for never watching it before seemed to range from an ambivalence to an outright dislike of Ralph Fiennes. Fair enough. I don’t find him to be the most scintillating of actors, but that seemed to suit his character in this film. That got us on to The English Patient. Two of us had seen it. One was vehement that it was highly overrated and way, way too long. This gave them something in common with Elaine Benes which is no bad thing. I haven’t seen it because of my ongoing suspicion of movies that get rave reviews and look dull, long and boring. (See Forrest Gump, Titantic, Apollo 18 and many more). Plus I couldn’t get through the book.

Back to Quiz Show. Everyone agreed that John Turturro was excellent as Herb Stempel. This lead us to a lengthy discussion of the Coen Brothers and some recommendations for further viewing. I wondered why Robert Redford had cast English actors in the leads – Paul Schofield, along with Fiennes. And we all thought Rob Morrow’s accent was highly distracting. I also thought his eyebrows were a bit much, but forgot to mention that at the time. There was a lengthy discussion of the American Dream, memories of the introduction of television, the intersection of race, class, stereotyping in the media, spelling bees, knowledge for knowledge’s sake, how much has changed or not in the quiz show genre, and the general working of television. We are indeed fortunate to have a real live American as one of our members for extra insight.

Then the highlight. Over afternoon tea somehow we got on to movies we had recently seen. Two of us recommended Ghosttown with Ricky Gervais (me being one of them). And two of us had recently watched The Changeling with Angelina. One had loved it. The other thought it slow, boring and in her eagerness to get her point across described Angie as being dressed a rapper (rather than a flapper). Cue much hilarity. I made a joke about baseball caps. I haven’t laughed that much in an age.

(N.B. You probably had to be there)

Next time: Song lyrics. I’m excited about that!


2 Responses to “Bookclub report: Rapper, flapper…whatever”

  1. jinx says:

    It is such a sad time when my mind rushes ahead of my tongue and what a clanger. It was great to laugh- something we all probably don't do enough. I am the non-reader of the group so can I actually now say I must be there for the comic relief!!!!! I just watched Indiana Jones again and laughed again at how much was shown from previous movies which would be lost on those that were not fans. I definitely like faster paced movies than the changeling though it does have many deep and meaningfuls within. Now to find those lyrics and which song OMG this is harder than the poetry!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    it was great to laugh. the week preceding had not included enough of it. and don't worry i won't be rushing to watch the changeling anytime soon. but that's probably more to do with my comment that angelina looks alittle bit too much like an alien for me to take seriously. 🙂

    the song lyrics is going to be difficult.

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