What Wendy Watched: dead good, dead sexy, dead annoying

And now we turn our attention to Australian Idol. I’m proud to say I haven’t yet watched the 7pm Project. Am I missing anything?

Mr G is recapping last night’s semi final. UGGGHHH… that Whitney impression really was cringeworthy. Such a shame.

The last six tonight. Tim, Kim, Tenille, Ed,Lucie and James. Looks exciting!!!

Last night’s six are lined up awkwardly on the stage. That Sabrina is really really tiny. Here we go. Mr G has the big announcement of who are into the final 12.

Sabrina – WOOOOOOOO. That’s the crowd.Not me.

Yes she does look like Fran Drescher.

And now…Scott. Good choice. Although Scott looks like he might drop over in shock. Typically inarticulate and genuinely surprised. That’s nice. (I’m not being sarcastic)

Bye bye to the losing four.

My goodness Dicko is wearing a bright shirt. Marcia’s happy apparently. JD has gone for yellow. Brave TV shirt colour if I do say so.

What the freak is Rikki Lee wearing? I’ll leave that question right there.

Looks like Kim is up first. What dross will she have chosen?

Waking up in Vegas. I’m old. I don’t know it.
Too shouty for me.But the judges loved it, in spite of Dicko’s weird Vamp/Sandra Dee comments.

Now Ed. Oh he’s serious, studying music at university. He sang the dreaded Hallelujah in audition. That goes with Nessun Dorma and I will always love you into the “never cover anywhere ever again” bin.

Foreign Land by Eskimo Joe. Not a fan. Let’s see what Ed does.
At least it’s not Roxette I guess. A bit of microphone stand action. Not a good look.Ick… falsetto screeching. I’m thinking awful. But what do the judges think? At last JD speaks some sense “not a great vocal”. Agreed. Now Mr Pink shirt. Dicko’s new favourite word seems to be “dead” – “dead good”/ “dead sexy” etc. It’s already a little dead annoying Dicko.

Lucie. Beyonce. Oh spare me. This one has a better voice though. And at least she’s not running all over the stage. Apparently Lucie needs to “find a destination”. Thanks Dicko. Now Marcia is asking a question. Run away.

Next is Tim. (BTW Stan has the big glasses back).
AT LAST A DECENT SONG CHOICE: Signed, Sealed Delivered. Not easy to sing though. Come on Tim. Oh dear,last note out of tune. Noticeably.
And the judges say: Dicko isn’t buying it. Harshness. BOOO…Marcia Mrs Nice Lady. JD agrees with Dicko. That’s boring. Oh now we’re having an argument between Mr G and Marcia about race. Interesting. More political than the 7:30 Report.
“Tricky” yes insightful comment Mr G.

Tenille: SInging…something I didn’t understand Mr G say. At last someone who isn’t pushing their voice. That was pretty. Marcia liked it. JD gave a backhanded compliment. Dicko taking on the strange comment mantle. Oh so they’re asking her to ruin her vocal chords by pushing it. Bad advice.

James is last. Gnarls Barkley. Interesting choice. He can sing. Command of different registers is good for 18. Hey,I sound like I know what I’m talking about. Not sure about the stage presence though. Wasn’t very exciting. Dicko liked it. Hmmm. Marcia loved the song. If she says “know what I’m sayin’ much more I may scream.

That’s it. Wildcards next.

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