What Wendy Watched: Those camels really are prettied up with ribbons

Running a bit late tonight so I’ll spare you the recap of “previously on the Amazing Race”. And now it looks like we’re leaving the chilly climes of Northern Europe for India. As you may recall (or not) no one was eliminated but the flight attendants were last and that means this week they’ll have to do a “speed bump”. AMAZING.

Mr Phil Host Man is explaining something about a Russian theatre. He’s recapping, the recap basically.

Margie and Luke are first off to Jaipur, India. Apparently they’re looking for a clue at a sacred tree. Surely, that can’t be too difficult. Tammy and Victor are next. Victor’s telling us how fantastic he is. Boring. Tammy is sitting quietly. SHOUT AT HIM.
Jaime and Cara cheerleaders are next- “aggressivity” – no Jaime and Cara – that’s not the greatest word. Mike and Mel leave quickly followed by the short stuntmen Mark and Michael – oh and they’re brothers as well. I didn’t realise that. Nice.

Everyone’s at the airport. These scenes are particularly unamazing and repetitive. Back to Kisha and Jen sisters who are just leaving. So the flight attendants must be last to go looking for flights.

All teams flying to Moscow and then to India. Looks hot and colourful so far. Now the usual fight for the taxis.Victor is heading for “victory” apparently. I sense impending doom for Victor. At least I hope I do. Crazy scenes in the taxi car park. Doesn’t seem to be any kind of rank. Mike and Mel are having trouble with their driver. Oh nice – he’s going to do his best to drive very fast. Margie’s noticing that India is “quite different to what we’re used to”. REALLY? What’s amazing about that is that she felt the need to articulate the obvious. Oh now one of the cheerleaders is crying at the poverty. And so’s Luke. Emotional, sad, poignant. Come on people, focus. You’re looking for a tree. Get it together.

Thank goodness Ad Break time. I can drink my tea.

More taxi driving looking for the tree. Tammy and Victor arrive first to look for the clue. Little twist – a red phone under the tree with the next clue. They use the taxi driver to interpret. Is that allowed? Calling for Tammy and Victor to be disqualified. The rest of the teams arrive at the tree and fail to notice the obvious RED PHONE. Now that is amazing.

Still with the wandering around the phone…oh now someone thinks to look at it. And noone is using their driver to understand the phone message. Not like Victor and Tammy. The taxi drivers are really getting into the race with some wild driving. Amazingly the flight attendants notice the phone straightaway. Just as well because they’re really far behind.

Oh Road Block. Care for Camel. Surely nothing can go wrong here. Those camels really are prettied up with ribbons and such like. They must know they’re on the telly. Victor goes first.

Ads again already.

Victor’s really exhausted. Or so he tells us. The camels are just chewing away waiting for their food and water. Everyone else is arriving now. Now there’s just lots of running with buckets. Not sure why Mike and Mel picked Mel for such a physical task. He’s suffering. Mike quietly wonders if it was a good idea after all. You think??

Darn it. Victor and Tammy are done and have their next clue. Next they’re going to a puppet store.

Flight attendants have arrived at the camels. Meanwhile we focus on Mel huffing and puffing. I’m hoping there’s an ambulance nearby.

Here’s Livio explaining the weather. 16-28 in Bundaberg tomorrow if you’re interested (which you’re probably not). He’s not in India. He’s in the ad break.

Oh and by the way. Don’t panic anybody. I’m recording Idol to watch next.

Back to the camel park. For goodness sake Mel get with the water. Now everyone’s on to the grain. Mel is the only one bright enough to work out to use the baskets for the hay. The others are using their water buckets. Amazingly stupid.

Tammy and Victor now have the Detour choice: Movers or Shakers. Both look rather dire I have to say. T and V choose Shakers which involves traditional dancing in the street, in costume for money. I do wish Victor would stop emoting out loud.

Oh more of Mel puffing. Because we can’t milk that enough. Amazingly now the others have discovered the baskets. About time too. Back to T and V dancing. Mel is puffing away with the hay. Suddenly Mel is in the lead. That’s ridiculous. Cheerleaders are next. Then Margie and Luke and Kisha and Jen. So still left with camels Mark and Michael and the flight attendants who have made up quite a bit of time. Or so the editing would have us believe.

There’s far too many ad breaks. 8 dollar thongs at Rivers. hmmm. Rivers stuff always looks better on the ads than it does in real life.

T and V are still scrambling for their 100 rupees.They’re off to the pit stop. Bum.

Everyone else still has to do the Detour. Mel and Mike are going to dance.

Oh Mark and Michael…I think the rickshaw is a bad choice. The dancing seems a cinch. Good choice Kisha and Jen/Margie and Luke/ Jamie and Cara. What will flight attendants do. OH NO IT’S THEIR AMAZING SPEED BUMP. Decorating an elephant. Well that sounds simple everyone doesn’t it?

Tammy and Victor you are Team number One.

Mike and Mel..off to the pitstop. The flight attendants are making the elephant beautiful.Oh Christie and Jodi are their names. The attendants not the elephants. Jamie and Cara off to the pit stop. They’re also throwing a tantrum because they’ve lost their taxi. It’s got their bags in it. Now they’re shouting at the taxi driver. Clearly they’ve read up on how to win friends and influence people.

Short stuntmen are still driving their rickshaws packed with tanks. Kisha and Jen are on their way to the pitstop while Mark and Michael stuff up a little more in unpacking the rickshaws. They’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Or rather a little silver elephant in a pile of hay. Yes, because that will be easy. Christie and Jodie are up to the dancing already. Oooooh it’s going to be close for last place.

Ads: I’ve never been to Aldi. Now that is amazing.

Mike and Mel you are Team number Two.

Flight attendants have finished the dancing and on their way to the pitstop. Somehow Mark and Michael short stuntmen have found the tiny silver elephant. Everyone is racing to the pitstop. Running, running, such amazing running.

Kisha and Jen – three

Margie and Luke – Four

Jamie and Cara – Five

Oh the suspense – will it be flight attendants or stuntmen in last place.

Mark and Michael you are team number six. Poor Christie and Jodie. They are last. Again. Eliminated.

Oh some crying now. Sadness.

New time next week: 8:30. Be there or miss out on…well not that much at all really.


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