Sprinkling fairy dust here, there and everywhere

As I have just tweeted and facebook status updated, this afternoon is my last in the office for a month. Fear not, this does not mean a month of holidays. For next week tis northward ho to Rockhampton, city of beef, for our annual Retreat. For those of you who may be thinking, “Well Wendy that sounds delightfully relaxing, full of sessions on stress management, meditation and sprinkling fairy dust here, there and everywhere” you are actually quite wrong. It’s work. Fascinating sessions about quality assurance, revisions to our program and courses, something mysterious called “embedding graduate attributes” as well as discussing research and many other things. There is also an expectation of collegiality. Good luck with that I say. Expect some slightly cynical and ironic tweeting before the week is over.

However, after next week is over I do have two weeks in Tasmania to look foward to, and then a week at home, napping, reading, musicking and just generally doing nothing at all. The blog may be a little quiet, although perhaps I will be able to do something with my trusty iPhone. Expect photos, photos and more photos.

Of Tasmania, not Rockhampton. Although if you’re really lucky I might take a picture of the giant bull that greets visitors to that fair city. Only if you are all good though.

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