A Valentine’s card from days of yore

Ah Valentine’s Day….how do I usually detest thee for your commercialisation and for your implied marginalisation of singletons like myself? But then this morning I recalled a time long ago when I was far younger and far less cynical. It was a time when I wouldn’t have scoffed at couples who engaged in the ultimate cliche of proposing and/or getting married on Valentine’s Day. (Truth be told I’m probably very envious of them but let’s not dwell on that).

It was a time when I was a young whipper snapper doing a music degree in Toowoomba, with lovely thoughtful friends who sent me this.

Two things remain the same in the intervening years:
1. My faithful fandom to They Might Be Giants
2. These friends who I lost for over a decade but through the invention of the internet and facebook, now are found again.

We have all changed in many many ways since the writing, sending and receiving of this card. But in other ways, we are still the same.


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    I KNOW!!! LOL

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