What lies ahead: Music Eisteddfod Day 2

Well we survived Day 1 although it was not so much a day as an afternoon. Everything went smoothly. Children made it on to the stage and played their instruments, which after all is what it’s all about. I went up and down the stairs at the theatre about 20 times (there are about 15 stairs). As a result of my extreme unfitness my calves are now killing me. Look music AND free step class. There was a small moment of drama when one of the lights blew and a shower of sparks fell into the orchestra pit. I heard the fizzing but missed the light show which was disappointing. We are hoping nothing important has blown fuse-wise. Oh and in other news it was STINKING HOT AND HUMID which was slightly unpleasant. I am hoping this cooler morning signals a more agreeable day weather wise.

So what lies ahead? Today we begin with three sessions and a double session this afternoon. Yesterday was only orchestral instruments. This morning we have some singing, some duets and some older age groups. This afternoon is my favourite section – piano 8 years and under. They’re so tiny. Some of them wear bow ties. Yesterday one young man playing the cello wore a red glittery hat. We should all wear red glittery hats.

However, today I have chosen my coolest top possible after the sweatorama of yesterday and my dark red patterned wrap around silk skirt. Earrings – gold filigree. Necklace – el cheapo big butterflies pendant thingo. Shoes – brown sandals – not the height of shoe fashion but will not give me blisters. Plus, nobody is looking at my shoes. Now if I could just find a hair band I would be set.


2 Responses to “What lies ahead: Music Eisteddfod Day 2”

  1. 2paw says:

    At the Princess Theatre I take a cushion, a cardi and a cool drink to try and cover every eventuality.
    You sound very fashionable today and I think comfort over-rides fashion every time with shoes and real life!!
    Oh, a glittery hat!! That must have been something to see.

  2. Wendy says:

    The glittery hat was quite special, but the highlight today was the princess dress a little girl was wearing in her piano solo. It was cream embroidered with flowers in taffeta and she was wearing glittery pink ballet slippers which, upon finishing and taking her seat, she promptly took off and held in her lap!

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