Well that was much better, in terms of weeks and their relative goodness. In fact there were moments when we may have been close to excellent. This week at work we began assessment for students for our 2011 program. This requires them to attend the campus to complete a literacy and numeracy test. They then have to return to be interviewed by yours truly. I spent all of Thursday and Friday interviewing prospective students. The majority of them were tremendously excited about the change, the big step they were making in their lives to return to their education. Many of them have inspiring stories and their joy at being accepted into the program knew no bounds for many. This is the part of my job that I enjoy. Despite the fact that we are in the middle of being “restructured” for the umpteenth time, budgets have been cut and the understanding from upper management of what we actually do seems to be negligible, I know that education does make a different to peoples’ lives, in many and varied ways. Offering adults the opportunity to return to education in a free program that supports and encourages them all the way through is a privilege and one that I hope is not lost in the new age of tertiary education which every day seems to lose sight of what its “core business” actually is.

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