Dear Keef

Dear Keef

I feel I should write and explain my inability to finish your autobiography. I began it with high hopes. I had recently finished Paul Kelly’s wonderful memoir and thought that perhaps your book would extend my reading into a roll of musical non-fiction. Unfortunately, while the early parts of the book were very interesting in the tales of your young life, I found myself bogged down and bored in the endlessly intricate tales of drug taking high jinks. I thought I might be able to power on through so I could read about how Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean is based on you, but in the end I simply couldn’t be bothered, so I just flicked through to glossy pictures. Please don’t misunderstand though, I was struck by your musicality and fine geetar playing in Martin Scorsese’s documentary (and that’s a compliment because I am, in essence, a “Beatles” person), and I am constantly impressed by the fact that you are still alive, growing old disgracefully in the very best of ways. I just don’t want to finish your book.

No hard feelings I’m sure



4 Responses to “Dear Keef”

  1. 2paw says:

    I didn’t even want to start his book. Are you absolutely sure he IS still alive????

  2. Wendy says:

    good question. we should probably start each day presuming he is but not be surprised if we hear otherwise I think 😉

  3. djfoobarmatt says:

    My Dad, who is a big fan, even found this book a bit boring

  4. Wendy says:

    that makes my failure to finish it a lot better 🙂

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