Go dating goths…GO!

It was my usual Tuesday evening slothed in front of the TV catching up on things I had recorded. Watching a repeat of Bones for the want of anything better on the real television, I was delighted to catch a cameo from Kent and Vyxsin, the “Dating Goths” from The Amazing Race. Kent had even more makeup on than usual, and Vyxsin’s hair was very pink. Kent got to do some fabulous overacting in a scene at an auction at a scifi/fantasy convention. I am currently watch them disintegrate on The Amazing Race which is playing Sunday evenings on one of Channel Seven’s extra channels. I would love for them to win, but after this Sunday’s episode it looks like they “may be eliminated”.


2 Responses to “Go dating goths…GO!”

  1. 2paw says:

    Is the Amazing Race coming here?? I think I saw kangaroos booming across the TV. Repeats of Bones. Again….

  2. Wendy says:

    yes Amazing Race have been and gone…they did Sydney and Broken Hill…the Kangaroo costume challenge was a complete embarrassment…yes I know..REPEATS…Again!

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