I’m a Judith Lucy fan

I haven’t written much about television for a while. That’s not because I haven’t been watching TV. It’s just that nothing much has been very interesting. This week though there are a few things mentioning.

Angry Boys
This week saw the final episode of Angry Boys. I was crossing my fingers and toes that the legends would not arrive in Dunt for Nathan’s going away party. But they did. For me, this broke the tone of the series. I sat through (and enjoyed) 11 episodes of fairly unrelenting dark satire examining the causes and effects of the damaged contemporary culture of masculinity. I was willing the final episode not to fall for the “happy” ending. But it did. I was willing Lilley to finish the final scene with the ordinary party in the back yard at the Sims’ farm with no special guests, just Gran and the family farewelling Nathan. But he didn’t. I was a little bit disappointed.

Judith Lucy
I’m a Judith Lucy fan. There, I’ve said it and now you all know. I loved her memoir The Lucy Family Alphabet and will make a point of watching anything she does on television. I quite enjoyed the trip she made into Catholicism and saw great potential in the questioning of spirituality and religion. It reminded me of our Year 7 religious education classes where the poor lady who volunteered to come and teach RE in a STATE SCHOOL (emphasis intentional) didn’t get to read us Bible stories because we were too busy asking her how she could prove that God exists.

Friday Night Lights
I’ve been hearing lots about this program for a while but have never bothered trying to catch it. Quality drama. Yes. American football. Not actually that interested. If I’m home I’ll watch it. If not, I won’t set the dvd recorder. Also, I spent some of the first episode reading the summaries of each series on Wikipedia so I don’t really need to watch anymore at all.

Last Sunday saw the two paintball episode follow ups. They weren’t nearly as good as the first paintball episodes. But if you want to watch a smart, American comedy this is the one I recommend. It’s better than just about anything else on free to air even when it goes to repeats.

Oh and I have been watching Torchwood. The jury is still out……


3 Responses to “I’m a Judith Lucy fan”

  1. 2paw says:

    On the fence about Judith, but I haven’t watched this yet. I think I missed The Friday Nights, and haven’t seen Torchwood yet. Really not much TV watching at my house this week.

  2. Wendy says:

    I loved Children of Earth so much…this Miracle Day set in the US is just not quite the same

  3. Andrew says:

    its not quite the same – but im still enjoying it – it is good to see Jack back, and Gwen

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