I’m betting on the Dickens

We waved goodbye to January and welcomed in what I think is the worst month of the year – February. Why so bad? It’s stinky hot here in sub-tropical Queensland and it’s too short. Suddenly I seem to be running out of time on everything. This year it was made worse by having to go back to work after my lovely holiday. Within I day I had a yucky headache that lasted for three days. In the post-restructure of our area madness I was still doing half my old role, helping with another role that isn’t mine at all, and trying to find time for my new role. Perhaps it is needless to say I wasn’t particularly happy. I can only cross my fingers and hope that this week will be better, with less swearing and less bringing work home every night. Still I found time to squeeze in some telly. Thank you wonderful ABC for screening Doctor Who every night. These early David Tennant episodes are fantastic (much better than the Matt Smith/Ponds stuff of late in my opinion). Homeland has also been a highlight so far. Claire Danes is excellent, as are the rest of the cast. I am very much looking forward to tonight’s episode. And last night, I laughed out loud at Graham Norton. I have forgiven the ABC for letting this show go to Channel Ten. If I record it and watch it an hour later I can avoid the annoying ad breaks. Goodness knows we all want to do that. I am determined to keep reading some fiction this year. My Kindle is still one of my favourite things in the whole world. Last week I bought the complete Dickens and started on Bleak House. Then, like a silly billy I started reading The Help as well. So now I have two books on the go at once which is never good because invariably one will be left unread. I’m betting on the Dickens. We shall see.


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  1. 2paw says:

    Why is it that people working in Education are somehow expected to pick up enormous amounts of slack, work three jobs at once and all with no thanks?? I would have had a headache too. Haven't watched Homeland yet, I need to be in the right mood. Dickens is full of so much description that sometimes I skip bits!! Bleak House is good though. There's new Dickens from the BBC soon, Great Expectations.

  2. Wendy says:

    YES…that is a very good question!
    Homeland is a little confronting…I have been recording it and watching it in the week…not really happy Sunday night viewing but good at other times…(yes I skip bits in Dickens too 🙂
    I saw some preview of that Great Expectations..I am looking forward to it very much

  3. I do love the earlier David Tennant eps, although I have enjoyed how Moffatt created the Doctor's wife story arc in the recent Matt Smith season. I intended to watch Homeland but missed the first ep so that will now be a DVD series to buy/hire at some stage.

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