Wednesday questions

What’s this Wendy? Two blog posts in one week? Surely that has happened since around 2010? I seem to have a moment of peace and solitude for the first time in weeks. I know I am at work so it is probably a little bit naughty that I am blogging. Call it community engagement. That seems to be the buzzword of the moment. Just exactly what it means no one is quite sure but for now let’s call it blogging. I feel like I have had no time for coherent thoughts lately other than the ones I have had to have for either work or study. I remember those long lost days when I used to write every morning about television. I’m really starting to wonder if I’ve grown past that. Don’t get me wrong. I still love television. And I am very happy to read good academic work by wonderful people writing about it. It’s just that I have a minimal amount of motivation to do it myself. And by minimal I probably really mean “no motivation at all”. I don’t know where it went. I’m not sure why it disappeared. It’s just that when it comes tv studies at the moment my brain feels dulled. It all seems very obvious. Why would I bother saying something in 5000 highly referenced words when I could just send a tweet about how awesome Homeland is? Or why the writers of Doctor Who with David Tennant have him bemoaning the lack of an override switch/button/lever/system in nearly every episode? Or why I have suddenly pretty much lost interest in Bones? Or why I continue to enjoy the Big Bang Theory even though it portrays a character who in real life would sit somewhere on the autism/asperger’s disorder as the butt of many jokes? Or why I am able to still enjoy Graham Norton on Channel Ten even though I had grave reservations about the shift from the ABC? Or why I can’t stand Jonathan Ross? Or why I can’t be bothered watching those Phryne Fisher murders even though everyone says they’re fabulous? Or why I have never watched an episode of My Kitchen Rules and actually believe cooking shows to be quite boring? Did twitter ruin my blogging mojo? Maybe. It doesn’t really worry me except for the fact that I have become a little concerned that I am incapable of writing anything longer than 140 characters. I think that’s a small part of the attraction of returning to study. It forces me to write and think and think and write. These are things that I like doing. Perhaps, now I’m just doing them in more places than this blog. I guess it’s good to diversity.


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  1. 2paw says:

    Miss Fisher is all smoke and mirrors. The costumes are beautiful but the stories themselves are, for me, nothing special. I don't think you are missing anything. I have lost interest in Bones too, though I think it is because of the endless repeats and never knowing when an episode will be *New*. Don't get me started on “Wossy'. Why we are subjected to this, and Chatty Man, is beyond my ken.
    Maybe your mind is just having a serious moment?? And new TV Shows might bring your mojo back?? I do find that as Autumn comes, blogging flags.

  2. Maybe it's the angle of the moon? In the stars? Lack of mojo seems to be affecting us all. The only spark in my life has been the Miss Fisher Mysteries and I'm only watching them because I've read most of the books. They are my reward for making it to Friday nights these weeks.
    Let's hope mojo magic soon returns to everyone!

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