Today I bought a microwave. It’s the first one I’ve ever owned in my life. That’s right. I have survived without one.

But how do you defrost bread Wendy? Well up until lately I used to put it in the toaster for a short time. Either that, or I would get organised and get it out the freezer in a timely fashion.

But how do you heat up leftovers Wendy? Well up until lately I would get out a saucepan and  heat them on the stove.

I was so old school.

Then I started with the healthy eating and the preparing of many meals on the weekend for the freezer so I could get dinner ready in a snap. A snap. And I found that it’s quite annoying defrosting a ice block of lamb and barley stew (for example) in a saucepan. I also found that it is impossible to defrost a piece of vegetable lasagne in a saucepan.

So today I went to my nearest electronics retailer, walked boldly up to the salesman and asked for his smallest, cheapest microwave. My kitchen is already tiny with a lack of bench space. I don’t need a whopping great microwave – just a baby 20 litre one that was 70 bucks.

Finally, I have caught up with kitchen technology of the 1980s.

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