There’s been a couple of interesting articles pop up about email signoffs this week. There was also a fun twitter exchange as a few people shared their practices. It really got me thinking about mine so here we go.

Kind Regards

I tend to use this in work or semi-formal situations where I intend to be friendly but don’t presume to know the person particularly well. I also use it at work if I am being “worky”. That is, I’m emailing information to a group of people rather than individuals.


Used in formal situations where I don’t know the recipient or the recipient has peeved me by doing something ridiculous. This is a work only sign off as that’s where the ridiculous things tend to occur.

Take Care

Used only with people I have met in person and call my friends or close relatives.


Used very sparingly and only with people who I would actually give a hug to in real life.


Never used in my entire emailing life and never will. I hate it.

Yours sincerely, Sincerely, Warm Regards, Best Regards or anything else not on this list.

Never used and cannot see a situation in the future where I ever will.


2 Responses to “Hugs”

  1. Matt says:

    I’m not much of an emailer at all. I rarely have to write them at work so for me it’s even simpler:

    If it’s a functional email, you get “Regards”. If I’m sending to a friend, it’s “-Matt”. But if you’re my friend and you get “Regards” it’s probably because you put “Regards” on a past email or I’m worried about offending you (so don’t be offended)

  2. Wendy Davis says:

    you rarely have to write them for work? You are the luckiest person ever….without email I’m not sure what I would fill my time in with at work….it has become like an instant messaging system
    (no regards)

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