It’s choir concert time this coming weekend and we all know what that means don’t we?

Rehearsals in the church on Monday AND Thursday. I would like to thank Queensland’s winter for kicking in just in time to make it freezing in there. Apart from that, this is the time of choir that I like. I can stop playing the parts (finally!) and things pull together at the last minute. Every concert I worry that they’ll never get – that the basses will never hold their part in this song, or the tenors will never find their note in that one – and yet every time they  do. It’s amazing and one of the most rewarding things about being part of a community music group. Here’s one of the pieces we are singing:

I was so moved by this version of it in Song for Marion. Sure, some may find it schmaltzy perhaps, but after rehearsing it for so long I had stopped listening to the words. Mr Stamp put the meaning back into it for me and made it beautiful again.

Here’s the original Billy Joel version with some interesting background:

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