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I am in a better mood today (in comparison to yesterday’s post).

After a yummy scrummy breakfast at Saskia’s I bought myself a little present. Why? Because we all deserve presents for being awesome and it’s perfectly acceptable to buy them for yourself.

 earrings and green scarf


It’s been at least six weeks since I added to my collection of silver earrings so you know, I was way overdue for a new pair. And I found the lovely green patterned scarf so popped that on the credit card as well.

Then it was home to domestic drudgery. When I say drudgery I might be exaggerating slightly. I am doing the laundry. I am also cooking up a big pot of vegetable and bean soup. I had lots of veges that needed using up and just sort of threw them all in the saucepan with cannellini beans, barley, stock and other bits and pieces. They will freeze nicely for work lunches. It’s too cold for salads now I think.

I’ve also done some piano practice in preparation for the choir concert tonight. I had to look at the trio from The Creation as it had only got as far as my first sight reading effort at rehearsals. This was okay but there were a few weird chords in the middle with double flats and things that kept tripping me up. I’ve got them sorted now.

And now I am recording some of my course videos and screencasts in preparation for the term starting on July 1. This will be my last run through of Essay Writing for University so I want to do a good job. Also, putting the slides together and recording the screencasts are the fun part of course coordination. So it’s not really a chore.

Later, at the recommendation of @nataliefs I am going to start watching House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. There is really nothing on the TV at the moment that I am invested in. Although last night I did quite enjoy the first episode of The Bletchley Circle.

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