My #qanda moment

I feel like I’ve finally made it to another twitter level after Thursday evening.

qanda tweet by Wendy

Wendy’s qanda tweet


I’m not a regular Q and A viewer, mainly because I’m usually not at home on Monday evenings. The other reason is because I find it an intensely frustrating television experience where the level of debate and discussion is superficial, hurried and designed for maximum party political argy bargy at the expense of anything of substance. So, imagine my delight to find Thursday’s episode to be engaging, thoughtful and well worth an hour of time.



3 Responses to “My #qanda moment”

  1. Jodes says:

    Nice work! Was that the Indonesia episode? I don’t watch Q and A because it makes me ragey, so I missed it, but heard a lot of good things about it on twitter.

  2. 2paw says:

    I agree, and rarely watch QandA. It makes me feel cross and exasperated. You are definitely famous now!!!

  3. Wendy Davis says:

    Yes it was the Indonesia episode…and usually Q and A does make very cross very quickly. Aaah….fame 🙂

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