A grand piano and a room to put it in please….

For a number of years at Christmas I have been going to a lovely Christmas party where the hosts finish the evening asking everyone what they hope Santa will bring them. For a few years now my answer has been ” a grand piano and a room to put it in”. The most I ever hoped for was a replacement upright piano  that might be a bit bigger and meatier in tone than the one I have. I’ve got a small Kawaii that I bought 20 years ago and use it for all my teaching and playing. It’s fine and has done a great job for me over the years. With my modest budget, and even more modest sized house, grand pianos were pretty much out of the question. That was until a few things happened.

1. I got a new room to teach music in by converting my unused garage into a studio. ( I still call it the garage. Posh what?)

2. I was fortunate enough to have enough funds from my voluntary separation payment and a generous gift from my grandfather’s estate to look at a second hand grand piano.

3. I had a lovely FB friend who is also a fabulous pianist who could go and try a couple of pianos for me in Brisbane.

So the stars aligned, I cleaned out my house, got rid of some furniture and made room.

This morning, in a exercise of military precision the piano arrived from Brisbane. The whole process of getting it into the house was relatively simple given I have no stairs. Still, I watched nervously as the carriers put everything in place and put the piano together like a giant lego set. They were fantastic.

And then they left…and it was mine. And I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.IMG_4923IMG_4924



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    <3 this so much!

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