no tidy desks here thanks…I’m Wendy

Today’s post is inspired by @SonjaBarfoed’s Cubicle Zoo which was inspired by Peter Green’s the personal touch .

I’ll start by saying that I’m a little bit suspicious of people who have really tidy desks. It just doesn’t seem quite right. Or maybe that’s justifying my complete inability to work from a spotless, tidy desk. Whatever it is, I like to have personal bits and pieces around me. They give me something to look when inspiration and/or perspiration is not striking. Or, they are excellent sources for procrastination. Versatility is the name of the game it seems.

So as I sit at my desk this is some of what I see:


My hardcopy diary (yes I’m kicking’ it old school) is never out of arm’s reach. I love turning over to a new week and filling in my appointments and reminders. I use my phone and calendar as well but there’s something satisfying about writing items in my diary that just isn’t the same with an outlook reminder. Technically, it’s not on my desk…it sits on top of my printer so I can maximise my tiny desk space.

corkboard 1

I don’t think of myself as a collector of anything but the three cork boards that I have above my desk covered in postcards and other memorabilia might say otherwise.

corkboard 2 corkboard 3

Then there is my fancy desk extension. This is actually a silky oak tray mobile with a dodgy wheel that I use to pile the stuff on that I need but don’t want on my actual desk.


It’s the home of notebooks, tax stuff, all my extra pens and notebooks and anything else that hasn’t found a home yet and that I might want to look at. Then after about 6 months I find I haven’t needed it so I have to put it in my filing cabinet or drawers or bookshelf.

And if I look directly in front of me above my computer monitor I see my @firstdogonmoon clock and my three felt owls. These things make me smile. The clock because no matter what else she may have done or not done I flipping loved the speech in Parliament when Julia Gillard ripped through Tony Abbott. And three felt owls started their lives as Christmas decorations but were cute enough to warrant staying up for the whole year.

clock and owls

Thus endeth the tour of my desk at home.


4 Responses to “no tidy desks here thanks…I’m Wendy”

  1. Peter Green says:

    I must confess to a tidy desk but otherwise liked your colourful desk ‘clutter’.

  2. Sonja says:

    Owly Xmas!

    I’m surprised that your diary isn’t on a music stand?

  3. Wendy Davis says:

    thanks @ Peter 🙂 a little clutter is good I think!

    A music stand! I never thought of that but it is an excellent idea 🙂 Genius Sonja!

  4. 2paw says:

    I irregularly tidy my desk here at home: hard cover diary- check, cork-boards- check, clock- nope, the Buffy clock is out of batteries and I can’t reach it to fix it.
    My desk when I was teaching was always covered with things and god help anyone who tidied it to be helpful, I knew where every thing was!!

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