In praise of lazy weekends

I have had a lazy weekend and it’s been blissful. I did achieve some things.

  • I did the washing and folding and putting away. This is nothing short of miraculous. Usually I manage the washing and then the clean clothes pile up for about a month in the washing basket. This is then followed by a marathon folding and putting away session. I’m trying to break this habit and become more like a domestic goddess who does her chores like a normal person.
  • I got my hair cut. This was a vast relief. I am in the process of growing out my short pixie cut into a bob. We’re not there yet and I have had many days of frustration with yucky hair featuring cowlicks. I gave my excellent Glaswegian stylist instructions to ignore my if I ever ask him to cut it short short. I can’t go through this again. Then we had a lovely chat about glass art.
  • I bought groceries.
  • I practised the violin for an hour each day of the weekend. Nothing like an upcoming exam to motivate the old practising routine.
  • I had a lovely nap on Saturday afternoon.
  • I watched Rockwiz. Verdict: Excellent.
  • I finished the latest season of Veep. Verdict: Excellent.
  • I watched three episodes of Nashville y’all. Verdict: Country music soap opera. Great.
  • I watched The Theory of Everything. Verdict: Disappointingly slow, tedious and a little bit boring. For tortured geniuses see The Imitation Game which I liked a lot.
  • I wrote two blog posts.

What a treat to have such a lovely weekend.


2 Responses to “In praise of lazy weekends”

  1. Kate says:

    Firstly, I think normal people do what you usually do with your washing. Like, everyone in the world except my mum does it your way.

    Secondly, I have a wicked cowlick and a propensity to cut my hair really short on a whim so I have a couple of tips for you in the growing out phase. Get yourself some long bobby pins, get the hair where you want it, pull it tight and slide the bobby pin in. This is how I trained my cowlick to sit in a blunt fringe. I got about the house with my fringe flopping around with a bobby pin in it. Obvs you don’t want to walk around town like that, but around the house is okay. Also, use a comb for blow drying, not a brush. Just hold the hair down with the comb and then blast it. Lastly, GHDs are your friend.

    Thirdly, you probably know all these things, but my discussion chapter is being a bastard and I am procrastinating.

  2. Wendy Davis says:

    My Mum and your mum might be the two people in the world who do their washing that way 🙂

    Good tips with the bobby pin and using a comb for blow drying. I do have a lovely GHD…often too lazy/running too late to use it 😉

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