watching the sun dapple through the trees

There’s nothing quite like being out of action with an unpleasant virus to get life into perspective. Suddenly all commitments and responsibilities pale into insignificance as you concentrate on getting well. Things that become important are the very basics…drinking water for instance, deciding which side to lie on in bed, staring out the window and watching the sun dapple through the trees on to the lawn. I always think sickness of any kind is a little reminder to stop rushing and stressing…and once you do, there’s often some small joys to be found. That was yesterday.

Today, priorities were…what else to eat apart from toast and vegemite (answer: a tomato sandwich and some gatorade), getting outside into the fresh air, and this afternoon attending my piano student’s exam. She played well and I’m glad I went to listen. Results in a week or so I imagine.


2 Responses to “watching the sun dapple through the trees”

  1. lucy says:

    You aren’t having a good run lately are you!? Definitely too many commitments which equals stressing and rushing!

    Hope you are feeling 100% again soon 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Ms Lucy!

    looking forward to rehearsal tonight…after I go home and have a little rest now from work!!

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