Of time and monsters..it must be Friday

My two bargain t-shirts arrived today. I was very excited because it’s been a long week of phone interviews, reading and marking repetitious entrance testing for our program starting on Monday, trying to get ready for teaching next week while also mentoring our new staff member who will be teaching with me. She is an absolute delight, but I found it so challenging to start from scratch in explaining the course and what we do. Still, I think we got there in the end which was pleasing.

But, back to the real point of the post, the shirts, which were like my end of week present for being such a good little worker/employee who arrived early and stayed for what seemed like forever, answering the phone with genuine enthusiasm, and keeping my cool when things were threatening to fall apart around my carefully laid plans. For instance, (and take this hypothetically if you like), would you not think that the Information Technology Department would communicate to staff the fact that six months ago they had made a decision to change the initial login process for new students? Because, when we send out our welcome pack to our preparatory students, some of them who have never even turned on a computer before and it contains carefully written, simply explained instructions for the aforementioned login, it can cause students to be a little freaked out when it doesn’t work. Perhaps we could have been alerted to this change say in November, when we are sending our material to print, rather than say, two days ago, which meant a mailout to 300 students to explain the change. I’m just saying….

Anyway, the shirts. The purple one with the decaying clock reminded me of my new blog design so I just had to have it, because Trudy very wisely commented at the time of the new template’s institution, “time is cool”. (Well I can’t remember if she actually used the word “cool” but it meant the same thing, and I agreed). And I managed to nab the “they’re, their, there” monsters as well. I’m very excited about this one as it is relevant to our goals of improving our students’ literacy skills…plus…you know… it has monsters on it, so it’s sort of irresistible.


4 Responses to “Of time and monsters..it must be Friday”

  1. Catriona says:

    I fancy the “they’re/their/there” T-shirt myself. I was planning, once upon a time, to have a different grammar T-shirt for every lecture, but then I realised that T-shirts don’t suit me.

    It’s way cool, though.

  2. Wendy says:

    well that’s no good because there’s a world of fantastic tshirts out there. my wardrobe would be severely impaired without tshirts.
    you mean you never wear tshirts?

  3. Catriona says:

    I never wear T-shirts in public.

    If I could find a T-shirt with a nice deep neckline, I would, but I’m too busty for standard high-necked, round-necked T-shirts.

  4. Wendy says:

    I see…whereas i have the opposite problem….a low neckline simply emphasizes my distinct lack of bustiness. so the round high necks are just my cup of tea (…shirts….lol)

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