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Monday night October 13 playlist: Study notes October 12, 2014

I am at choir rehearsal but by the magic of the interwebs here is a running commentary on tonight’s @TunnFM playlist put together by yours truly. 1. Pixies – Bird Dream of Olympus Mons – start with a classic they always say. Well, I say anyway for this evening. And we all know all Pixies […]

catch up day June 23, 2014

Today was a catch up day. I folded three weeks worth of clean washing. I now have clothes in the cupboard again. This means that I don’t have to rat through piles of laundry every morning looking for something to wear. I also caught up on getting food into the house. Yes, I bought groceries. […]

a slight chill in the air June 15, 2014

Exciting times in the ‘berg today as there is a slight chill in the air. That’s right people. Winter is here. I just checked the weather forecast and this is what it looks like. Yes that’s correct. Your eyes do not deceive you. We have made it past midday without reaching 20 degrees. But look […]

quietly heartbreaking and chock full of romantic angst June 6, 2014

Friday has turned into what I call in my mind, “music day”. I have two adult music students who come for an hour lesson each. One is a retired primary school teacher who returned to piano lessons as an adult. I love lessons with her as we chat about all sorts of things, including piano […]

Take your daughter to work (experience) day June 5, 2014

I’m moving ever closer to the pointy end of my LIS Masters and I have yet to do any of my work placement. Until this year it would have meant taking some of my precious month of annual leave and going somewhere in a block. This year it’s more difficult to take a block of […]

Beer damper January 26, 2014

by Wendy Davis I actually lost track of the date so I thought tomorrow was Australia Day what with it being the public holiday and everything. So I was a little unprepared to wake up and find the usual debates about Australia Day/Invasion Day etc etc. Also my Facebook feed was full of Aussie things […]

Citrus Tuesday June 18, 2013

Somewhere in the universe it was decided that today was the day I would receive gifts of homegrown citrus. First my wonderful friend and colleague Helen brought me a huge bag of mandarins from her parents-in-law’s backyard. (I’m not sure about the plurals and apostrophe in that sentence but I’m off the clock so make […]

Saturday morning June 8, 2013

For the last decade or so every Saturday morning I have gone out for breakfast and coffee with my Mum. Over the years there have been a variety of other companions – friends and family – but my Mum and I are the constants. We started off at Talking Point – a cafe now shut […]

of meditation and exercise January 4, 2013

Today started a little inauspiciously. I woke up way too early and my brain clicked into gear immediately. My head was also a little woozy which I hate. I made myself do yoga breathing and this passed by the time it was time to get out of bed. I did my meditation before work and […]

reality sets in….and bites a little January 3, 2013

I had every good intention to write a post about what I read in 2012. But now it is evening and I am tired and would not do it justice. I also realised that I haven’t kept track of my reading in 2012 very well. I can however, write a post about the way my […]