Tuesday morning question time

First of all why does my blog keep telling me there is a comment to be moderated and then it immediately disappears?

Why do I still have the headache that I had yesterday? Am I going to have to take panadol before I even get to work?

Why was my electricity bill so huge? (I actually know the answer to that. It starts with “air” and ends with “conditioner”)

Why am I still going to be photocopying the Eisteddfod program throughout today and tomorrow at work? ( I know the answer to that as well. The printer that was going to do it last week was gutted by fire. They think it was arson)

What am I going to wear today?

Why haven’t I managed to find my ugly pink Easter bunny t shirt to wear to work? (Because I haven’t looked for it yet that’s why). I need something to wear on Thursday.

Why do I have to sit through a two hour explanation of the reorganisation of our Student Services this morning? (Because I “care” that’s why)

Why is my division already planning its next restructure before they have even implemented the one on the table at the moment?

What is Tony Abbott overcompensating for by running that marathon? ( We may not want to know the answer to that actually)

Why can’t I stay home today?

Why am I going to spend all of Easter marking assignments? (Because that’s the kind of dedicated gal I am)

Why hasn’t my Pixies CD from the concert arrived yet?


2 Responses to “Tuesday morning question time”

  1. 2paw says:

    Ahhhh, too many questions!!
    Blogger has a mind of its own.
    Take drugs, the sooner you get to a headache the sooner it goes away.
    Oh, my bill was $6 because last time they 'guessed'.
    Oh, shades of Alpine Offset(I think that's right??)
    Something green??
    I have no Easter attire, a situation I must address.
    Well someone has to care.
    If there's no 'innovation' then the person who thinks it up doesn't get paid.
    Please, can this be a Tony-free zone, unless it's the entertainment Tonys (Tonies??)
    I think you should stay home if your headache is bad.
    Marking is the monkey on a teacher's back. If you are doing it right, you get lots of it.
    Hope your Pixies CD arrives anon!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thank you for these thoughtful answers.

    I think I have sinus. Luckily going to the doctor Thursday anyway.

    Yes let's hear it for a Tony-free zone….Everywhere!!

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