fillums and musik

Well I didn’t get to South Solitary on Friday night. I swapped it for a wonderful evening of fun and laughs with my darling sister in law. I introduced her to Beautiful People.

Yesterday though I did get to see Creation with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. It was a beautiful film, a lament for Darwin’s daughter Annie who died at a young age, his coming to terms with her death during the writing of the Origin of Species, the battle between religion and science, and the question of faith…as a separate issue. I found it very moving and still find myself thinking about it today. Then I stayed on and watched a documentary about the Vietnam War – The Most Dangerous Man in America. Not having been alive at this time I am pretty hazy on the details of the Vietnam War so this was fascinating. It was the story of Daniel Ellsburg, a top man for many years working within the US government advising on policy and strategy in Vietnam, who after some time of seeing the hypocrisy of what went on in private compared to the public face of the various administrations from Kennedy through to Nixon, decided to release what became known as the Pentagon Papers exposing the increasingly farcical nature of America’s involvement in Vietnam. Moral courage was the theme and it was strong and inspiring.

This morning I went to see the Italian film Mid-Day Lunch, about a man who lives with his aging mother, and ends up entertaining three other elderly ladies for lunch. It doesn’t sound like much when I say it like that but it was a reminder to take life for what it is, to enjoy the little moments, of sharing, of friendship, of food, of wine and of laughter. Tonight at seven I am going to Exit through the Gift Shop. I made sure I bought my ticket this morning so I wouldn’t have a “can’t be bothered moment”. For in between all this I have played at a choir concert last night and this afternoon. I am a little bit tired. Accompanying takes a fair amount of concentration even if the pieces are pretty easy. But I am looking forward to Banksy’s exploits on film. What has been really wonderful has been the crowds at the films. I overheard so many people this morning saying they had been to all or most of the them. And while next weekend I am going to Brisbane for opera and the Valentino exhibition, today I feel fortunate to be just where I am…in Bundaberg.


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  1. 2paw says:

    Wow, what fabulous film offerings. I haven’t seen any of them, we’re no Bundaberg here. I heard a radio programme about the Darwin films, maybe the Science Show?? It sounded wonderful.

  2. Wendy says: Bundaberg! The Darwin film was really wonderful I thought. But the best was the final night documentary about street artists/ Banksy “Exit through the gift shop”…if you see it anywhere you must try and catch it

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