In which our heroine wins a raffle…

I know, the title of this post sounds tremendously exciting, but settle down. That all happens a little later in the story.

It’s arts festival month in Bundaberg. On Friday night I went to a live music, multimedia event in Alexandra Park where images of the Burnett River were projected on to screens around the Band Rotunda, accompanied by live music. It was very beautiful, peaceful and calming. It was meant to be followed by a magical fire lighting event of a sculpture. Let’s just say that was a bit of a fizzer and leave it at that. However, there was wine, and Thai food so all was well.

Last night there was a concert at the Moncrieff Theatre (which is less of a theatre and more of a movie house that pretends to be a concert theatre) by The Idea of North. For those of you who have not encountered The Idea of North, they are a four part a cappella jazz vocal group who sing everything, and sing it exquisitely. The concert was probably once of the best vocal performances I have ever seen. The harmonies were so spot on, and they reeled off horrendously complicated syncopation with ease. My favourite was…well everything really. The absolute highlight though was when, in a crowd of 500 people my name was drawn out to win the free CD!!!! Yes, little old me, who never wins anything. I got to go down to the “merch” table afterwards (I believe that’s what it is called in the “biz”) and take my pick.

I was very special.



3 Responses to “In which our heroine wins a raffle…”

  1. lindy says:

    Congratulations on your cd wrangling skills. No wonder you feel special.
    I won a bottle of banana liqueur in a Christmas raffle once and felt quite honoured until some unkind person informed me that this very bottle was won every year as, whoever won it immediately recycled it into next year’s raffle.

  2. 2paw says:

    I do know the Idea of North, they are regularly on the Live Music part of our local ABC radio, they are magic!! Well done on your prize!!! Lucky you!

  3. Wendy says:

    the CD is excellent (it is their first one) but I have to say they were amazing live!

    I too once won a bottle of banana liqueur in a Secret Santa! I think it ended up in the bin 🙂

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