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I feel I should post something but not sure what so here we go. I am not doing the novel writing in November thingo that so many people seem to be having a go with. It’s enough to keep drafting a paper, blogging, tweeting and facebooking without a novel looming over me as well. Good for them though. I hope they make a million dollars. Well not really, but you get the idea..good writing wishes and all that.

I am now officially “working from home” most of the time on my research fellowship. Finally. It’s only taken since June to get this happening. I’ll tell you why. 1. Teaching. 2. Operation. At last, my teaching, student duties have died down after the end of term and I don’t feel the need to run into uni every morning. It’s much nicer to get up in a leisurely fashion, breakfast, shower, meditate etc, and write for the morning. At this stage it’s all very drafty, and as always after having a long break from writing “proper” stuff, I seem to have forgotten how to do it but surely that’s all part of the fun? Isn’t it?

And yes, I did take my brave pills and attend a 20 year school reunion on Saturday night. hmmmm. 20 years is a long time, but what this confirmed for me was that essentially people don’t really change, they just become taller, fatter, louder, quieter, more or less intense versions of themselves. It was all very interesting. Best bit…chatting with the two guys who I had been right through primary school with as well.

Anything else? Well I am off to Brisbane again on Friday. This time to see Leonard Cohen on Saturday night. I am flying as way back in June Qantas conveniently had a sale..so instead of the usual 200 dollars or so it usually costs (ONE WAY…THAT’S RIGHT) I am there and back for 140 bucks. An hour in a plane or 4-5 hours in a car. Decision was made.


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  1. 2paw says:

    I did lots of writing for my job as a teacher and coming home to write – for pleasure- was the last thing I wanted to do. Besides, I don;t think I have a book in me, there was one dissertation, but not a book.
    But yes, good writing wishes to them all.
    How many brave pills?? You are right, people don’t change, you are what you are, maybe more-so over time.
    Oh your days sound almost idyllic, as far as they can be, I hope you get your writing mojo back.
    I know you will enjoy Mr Cohen!!

  2. Wendy says:

    yes I don’t think there is a fiction book in me either.
    Brave pills…actually it was more like I drank ginger beer all night instead of alcohol. Perhaps if I had been drunker it would have been an entirely different experience.
    My days are peaceful at the moment which is very nice. I hope yours are too.
    And yes, looking forward to Mr Cohen 🙂

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