Margaret…tell ’em about the cat

It’s been a busy quick week here at The Spiralling Shape. After a week with no internet access at home I finally received my new modem etc in the post yesterday and managed to set it up with the help of a friendly, methodical helpdesk person on the end of the phone. We haz interwebs. (Poor attempt at lolcat speak).

Tuesday saw International Women’s Day arrive and depart. I meant to post this at the time but the day got away from me. I like to think it inspired me when I was a little girl whiling away the afternoons in front of the telly.

Awesome isn’t it?! Especially the key change and the big finale.

Apart from that teaching continued with a good class of keen students. We now all understand the basic structure of an academic paragraph and are learning to love spelling and grammar. We have also had some thoughtful discussions of contemporary society, culture and communities.

In between that I have taught my piano students; Wednesday afternoons is full now for three hours. I start with the 8 year old who is as keen as mustard and finish with my two determined adult learners. I really am enjoying it at the moment.

And finally, I am keeping up with my new study. I have done my first two weeks readings, listened to two online lectures and this weekend will begin my first assignment. I have also decided to start a new blog that will be devoted to my study. That is, I will keep The Spiralling Shape for its original purpose and put all the library stuff somewhere else.


2 Responses to “Margaret…tell ’em about the cat”

  1. 2paw says:

    I loved the song, but the round blue woman is sometimes a policeman I think and I was very distracted. Excellent singing!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    yes it’s funny when you recognise the puppet/muppets as being other characters isn’t it!

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