Monday will be torture for you today

Dear Monday,

I know it’s been some time since our last correspondence. Apologies. I hope you have been keeping well. Me? Why thank you for asking. I’ve been quite fine. I just have a tiny request. If you could manage it I’d really appreciate it if when I check my stars on my iPhone app you don’t begin with “Monday will be torture for you today”. I’m sure you can understand what I’m getting at. It really doesn’t set one up with the most positive frame of mind towards seizing the day. Your reputation would really be enhanced if avoided describing yourself as “torture” and instead worked towards a happier, rainbow-filled, bouquet of flowers kind of image.

As always, just a few thoughts for you to ponder once you have finished with today before next week.


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  1. 2paw says:

    Oh no, I was sure you had Monday all sorted out and under control. Perhaps you need to threaten it with a little torture??

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