dull powerpoint

I look forward to the Saturday that I don’t spend it mainly inside sitting at my computer. Of course, this is made more pleasant now that I am using my shiny new Macbook with it’s soft glowing keyboard and clear as crystal screen. Still, I would rather not be trying to whack together a presentation on Angry Boys at the last minute. It’s an expectation of a my research allocation that I do a uni lunchtime seminar at least once a year. I blithely signed up for November 22 many months ago, thinking that by this time I would be free to spend all my working hours on writing and research with few other commitments over Term 3. HAHA on me. My kingdom for the crystal ball that would have foretold the endless upheaval and daily tasks associated with our area’s restructure and change proposal. As a result, I am cobbling together something about mockumentaries, Chris Lilley and S.Mouse! with an accompanying dull powerpoint and hoping for the best on Tuesday lunchtime.


3 Responses to “dull powerpoint”

  1. 2paw says:

    Ah yes, events creep up on you. There are months, then weeks and then, suddenly, only days to go.
    School of any description is always so busy there are always important thing happening.
    Good luck with your presentation, I am sure it will be very good!!!
    You could always ask yourself:What if they had a presentation and nobody came??? That would be much worse!!

  2. David Wise says:

    If the PowerPoint is dull, why do it?

  3. Wendy says:

    I tried to make it as interesting as I could…sad fact is the talk would have been even duller without the ppt.

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