I resolve to……..

eat healthy food in appropriate portions (except on special occasions or when I feel like a treat), exercise as regularly as I can, resume daily meditation, find and use alternatives to swear words except in extreme circumstances when trooper-style swearing is called for, reign in what might be perceived as an overuse of smiley faces and exclamations in all tweets, emails, blog comments etc, say yes when previously I might have said no, treasure my friends and family, blog more regularly than I did in 2011 (seriously poor effort!…oops), ask myself “What would Liz Lemon do?” if in a pickle of any kind (also substitute Kim Deal, Miranda Hart, Dawn French, Karen O, Princess Mary or other famous person as appropriate to aforementioned pickle), find out what quinoa is and perhaps eat/cook it, continue to listen to more new music…especially music with banjos, accordions, ukuleles, string basses etc, tidy my desk regularly (ha…notice I didn’t say HOW regularly), recycle more diligently, procrastinate less, stop eating dinner in front of the television at least once a week, ignore or change any of these resolutions at will. Goodbye 2011.

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  1. 2paw says:

    Indeed, WWLLD? sounds like a perfect mantra!! And I think you should exclaim and smiley face to your heart's content!! Happy New Year, best wishes for 2012.

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