The weather is…changeable

In what is becoming an annual habit (three years counts as a habit doesn’t it) I’m off to Tasmania on Thursday. The stinky Queensland summer has arrived just in time for me to be looking forward to this even more than I already was. The trouble is….the packing. I believe I have posted on this before but I can never decide what and how much to take with me. Lucky for me I still fit into my jeans (it was touch a go there for a few weeks) but it’s the coat, cardigan, jumper, top situation that has me baffled. Last year I spent some days in a summer skirt and t shirt, and another freezing in a southerly gale in a polar fleece coat with a hood. The weather is…changeable it seems in a Tasmanian summer. So, wish me luck as I attempt to stuff everything into the suitcase, and fingers crossed that I have room for my pillow. Yes, that’s right…I’m one of those people who is attached to their own pillow and takes it with them whenever they travel if possible! (This year I also have the added dilemma of whether to take my iPad as well as my iPhone. And of course the Kindle goes with me as well. So many cords and chargers!)


4 Responses to “The weather is…changeable”

  1. Have a wonderful time. Packing is so hard to do, and I always manage to take too much and then find some bargains I have to figure out how to carry home, or take too little thinking I'll find some bargains and I find none. Whatever happens, enjoy!

  2. Wendy says:

    the bargains are definitely a consideration. Sometimes I end up having to buy another bag to take home on the plan!

  3. 2paw says:

    Oh, you'll be here now, and yes, the weather is very changeable. It's been doona cold at night, and either warm or hot during the day. Very windy too, which can make it cold!! We are a doughty people, totally used to wearing layers and almost Scout like in our preparedness for any weather eventuality!!
    Are you off to MONA??

  4. Wendy says:

    Yes we are planning to go to MONA tomorrow. I was cranky I could not get my iPad working on the weekend to reply to you as we drove up to longford, evandale, deloraine etc! Next time!!

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