here I sit in my jim jams

Way back in February I requested that I work from home every Friday. Yes, wonderful, that’s fine Wendy. It’s now the end of Week 11 of the term and I am having my first Friday working from home. The term has been hectic to say the least and there always seemed to be something that I had to go into campus for. Never mind. Here I sit in my jim jams, drinking my lovely cup of green vanilla tea and deciding what to do first. The birds are singing outside and it’s a perfect autumn day here in Bundaberg. Blue skies, light breeze. You get the picture. So what will it be? Written case outlining why preparatory students should still have access to hard copy study material in 2013 rather than having only online access? Last lot of Moodle resources created and uploaded for the term? Third assignment for management unit? All of the above is what I’m hoping for. In between times I might do some washing and general household duties which are sorely neglected by this time of the week. Then this afternoon I shall go out to accompany a double bass student for their music exam. And that, my friends, will be Friday.


2 Responses to “here I sit in my jim jams”

  1. 2paw says:

    Your morning sounds so nice. Here I often sit out at my little table and chairs in the afternoon when the sun is shining in the back yard.
    Hope you got all your tasks finished!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Well I got some of the things done….others are still a work in progress…I'm getting there!

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